Thankful Thursday

It’s been quite some time since I’ve created a Thankful Thursday post… but, wait no longer!

So often we take things for granted…things as basic as our freedom or as exhausting as our democratic government and the way we elect a leader…  But really, we have so much to be thankful for if we just take a second to breathe it all in.

This week I’m thankful for….

  1. My Bama Friend.  I got home last Wednesday from a vacation with an amazing friend, someone who gets me, who listens to me, who takes the time to think before responding to make our chats so wonderful and so worth it!  I can’t thank her enough for everything her and her husband did by hosting me.  Here at home I run constantly… but during the 5+ days I was at their house, I was able to relax and do nothing if that’s what I wanted to do.  She made dinner most nights and we were really able to reconnect and chat about things.  She shared some of her concerns in life at the moment and I shared some of mine.  I’m beyond thankful for her!
  2. My family.  Seems basic right?  First a friend, then family… but really, right now, this is what I’ve got!  While on vacation last week, my parents took our son.  Hubs was working most of the time I was gone so we needed someone to watch the boy.  My parents, who watch him during the week when he’s not at school, took him with them to see family in the south.  Thankfully he’s such a good boy so they don’t mind taking him… but my parents are the best, for sure!
  3. Sunny days like today!  While it was cold… like 15 degrees cold…it was still a beautiful blue sky and super sunny!  Even if it’s cold, it’s still nice to have the sun!
  4. Finally, this week I’m thankful for the ability to buy decorations for Easter!  I’ve never really decorated much for Easter, but this year I really have had a desire and I’ve been fortunate enough to have the funds to purchase the things I’ve wanted to add to our collection!

As we roll into Friday and then the weekend… I hope everyone has fun plans… we’ll be booking our flights this week for a trip next month to Mexico!  Go out and enjoy life!


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