Camper Searching

Over the last… gosh, almost a year… we have been talking about getting a new camper.  The camper my husband had prior to us meeting, dating, getting married, and adding a 3rd child to the mix… is just too small at this point.  It’s a 25′ travel trailer.  It has a double bed… or is it a queen?  Hmm, I don’t know.  (I just know it’s not a king…like we have upstairs.)  It has a couch that converts to a bed (that even I hang off).  It has a table that you can break down and turn into a bed (which I could probably fit on… I just haven’t tried).  It has a bathroom with a shower, but little to no room to move around.  Outside of the door that you can close to make the bathroom seem extremely undesirable (especially if you are claustrophobic), everything is one big room.  That’s great right?  No, it’s not.  Especially when you are sharing it with two teenage boys.  Since having the 3rd boy, the older boys haven’t gone camping with us so I don’t have to worry about cramming myself in the bathroom to change and what-not… but I usually do anyway.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having my stepsons there camping with us… but the layout of the camper just isn’t great… 

Last fall we went to one place here… about an hour and 45 minutes away and looked at campers but didn’t end up buying anything.  We just weren’t at a point where we could spend what we needed to, to get what we wanted.  At the very beginning of the discussion we stated we were going to get what we wanted if we were getting something new.  We weren’t going to get something now and trade it in in a couple of years… this is what we were going to keep!  After no success last fall, we decided we would look again this spring before camping season began.  Let me just tell you… we’ve been LOOKING… and LOOKING… and LOOKING.  Heck, I did more looking today after we looked yesterday!  We’ve even looked in another state!  We are pretty dedicated!

So this is where the overload of pictures begins…  Somewhere in this mix… there might be a camper we are going to buy!

Here are some pictures from the trip we made about a month ago…

ImageWe were clearly in camper-land!



This is one that I really liked… but there wasn’t a ton of extra room in the bunk area… (you’ll see what I mean by extra room here when I show you some others that are open in the back – without bunks)


This is the rest of the “kitchen” area for the camper with the bunks.



This one here was nice… but I didn’t really like the unlevel counter space or the light sofa’s.


This was another option… but… not one of our favorites (notice all the open space that not having bunks allows?).


We even had the little guy… he loved looking at all the campers.  Oddly enough, he went to the bathroom in EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.  He didn’t want to come out!


Here is one of the final ones we looked at that day…and didn’t like.

Hubs also went last week and tried to get pricing from a place not far from us (that some of these pictures up above are from).  That has been interesting… the guy didn’t want to give us pricing on all the ones we wanted pricing on.  It apparently was too much work for him.  He gave us pricing on one and that was it.  So… We decided to take a trip on my next day off (yesterday) to a place in NY… we have driven by this place multiple times and just decided to check them out.  Let me just tell you… I loved the place!

ImageGetting ready to head over the lake and into New York.


We went past a TON of apple trees!

We looked at a bunch of campers in New York…  I didn’t take pictures of any of them but I went on the company’s website and pulled these following pictures…  We decided (and got pricing) on three favorites from this company.  I was able to find pictures of two of the three we liked…

For the first one…


This one has bunks… but the room is REALLY small.  It’s basically two bunk beds… and a dresser.

The next one…

ImageImageImageSo, this is one of my favorites…  the only thing that is weird for me is where the TV is… I wish it was at the end of the camper and not on the wall there like it is… so… I dunno what to do…


2 thoughts on “Camper Searching

  1. Lots to choose from! I’m a big fan of the bunk room. How’s the awning coverage in the trailers? It’s nice to have as much as possible. Good luck with the search. We just purchased a new trailer and it took us years to find the right one. Now it feels like home.

    • In the end… we decided to go with a camper not even mentioned on here… that had a bunk room. We are getting really to finish up the deal and once we do… I’ll post about that! The awning coverage is pretty good…and it has an outside kitchen! 🙂

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