Things I’m Loving Thursday


Have you been missing me?  I haven’t purposely taken this week off, it’s just happened that way I guess.  I wish I could say I’ve been busy… but I haven’t really done a lot.  Just… been living.  I’ve been in a funk this week, so I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am that today is my Friday!  Especially considering I will be in the office ALL next week (except maybe Friday) for my laptop migration. 

Even though I’ve been in a funk, I’ve still got some love going on! 

One thing I’ve always loved is sending cards!  Now that my brother and his family are out of state, I get to send them more often!  I’m totally loving that!


This little boy thinks everything is a jungle gym and will climb on whatever he sees fit.  Usually it doesn’t last long though because we don’t allow it… but I love that he can make himself comfortable just about anywhere!



This picture is kind of crappy, but one thing that I love about where we live is driving down the street, coming home… you just look in one direction or another and you see wildlife… like, 4 deer!



This boy, in his sun glasses.  How can you NOT love this?!



Last weekend when we did some buying we got part of our tile for our master bath… I totally love this combo!Image


Oh, and one final thing…. Red Sox vs. Yankees this weekend!  Ya, I’m LOVING baseball (assuming the right team (Red Sox) win)!

Well, I hope you have some fun things planned for this weekend.  We have a bunch of different options, it’s just a matter of what we choose to do.  Whatever you do – enjoy your weekend!


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