Weekly Goals Recap

This past week I watched my goals closely because they weren’t something that I could easily do… I guess that’s the importance of goals though – they push you to go out of your norm to get things done.   I felt myself going back to my goals in my planner to make sure I knew what they were and I was still going to be able to achieve them.

I had four goals this week…  and did well, but not well enough.  So, lets do this….

  1. Drink 60 oz. of water each day. I missed this on one day.  The one thing I’m finding is that with this… I’m drinking more and more water because I’m aware of what I’m drinking.  Ultimately, that’s what I was striving for here.  To take a minute and THINK about what I was consuming.  It’s working and I will keep this as a regular weekly goal, even if it’s not listed on here it will still be something I track in my planner.
  2. Have dinner at home Monday – Friday this week. SUCCESS!  I was afraid of this goal on one day and one day only – FRIDAY.  We always tend to do something different on Friday.  I have usually worked a long week and have no desire to cook something and if I leave it up to hubs, we usually grab a pizza or something easy like that on Friday or a weekend day.  Well, Friday/Friday night hubs was at the sugar house so it was fine.  Although we didn’t eat dinner AT home, we didn’t go out to a restaurant.  It felt so good to accomplish this!
  3. Don’t buy anything I don’t NEED this week. SUCCESS!  It helped that the only day I went into the office was Monday and I even brought my lunch.  Usually I go out to lunch when I’m in the office but I didn’t this week.  I did buy some cards that I needed so I can send them to my niece/nephews, but other than that I didn’t buy anything until yesterday and that was still stuff we needed.  We bought some of the tile we need for the shower in our master bath.  Then we also bought some stuff (that we needed) at The Christmas Tree Shop.
  4. Blog each day this week.  I missed this one on Friday.  Since I took Lil man to the sugar house after picking him up from daycare, I didn’t blog.  I thought about doing it at lunch time on Friday, but I didn’t have anything to write that I could do in a half hour so rather than just throwing something on here for the sake of meeting this goal – I didn’t.  I wanted something with substance and I just didn’t have it Friday.

I’m debating on setting official goals this week.  I have a few things I need to DO, but they aren’t “goals”….  As I said, I will continue with the goal of at least 60oz. of water each day and I’ve been trying to stay on the treadmill regularly, but I don’t know that I have anything of…substance to “reach” this week….  So, I may just take this week off.


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