Things I’m Loving Thursday

Things I'm Loving ThursdayHow is it Thursday already? This week I feel like I’ve been working my time away….but, I’ve been very productive so that is good!

This week….

1. Productivity at work means less stress!
2. The weather….it’s getting close to perfect temps for me….
3. Getting outside with Lil Man!
4. Last Saturday night we got to FaceTime with my brother and his family…. I’m missing them more and more these days.
5. Baseball season has started! Love my Red Sox!!

This week I kind of feel like I could go on and on! I’m just content I guess. As I posted yesterday….I’m going through a few days right now where no matter what curve ball I’m thrown (and trust me, they are like rapid fire sometimes), I’ll swing and hit it out of the park! (Can you tell I’m excited about baseball right now?!)

What does you weekend look like? Mine… I’ve got some birthday shopping to do for one of my nephews and then some quality time with a friend on Sunday!

Enjoy your weekend!


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