One of Those Days…

Today was one of those days…. I feel like I could do anything.  Work a full day and care for a child afterwards?  Sure, bring it on!  Cook dinner on top of it?  Yup, I’ll accept that challenge.  Oh, you want me to bake a little bit too?  Why not?!  Give the boy a bath, and be done all of it before 7pm?  Absolutely!

No, but seriously… I’ve had a busy day!  I was up and working by 6:00am.  Typically I work 9 hour days so I can have every other Monday off.  Today, I worked just about 11 hours so I could build up some comp time because I’m a bit low on vacation time and you never know when I might want to take a vacation! 
On my lunch break, I jumped on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  It felt great.  I really, really enjoy the treadmill at lunch and some days I even wish my lunch break was more than 30 minutes long.  Crazy aren’t I?  Don’t get me wrong, some days I hate it… but I do it for the feeling I get AFTER I get off the treadmill!
Then after working just about 11 hours, I took a quick shower (I waited because I knew I’d get sweaty from the treadmill!) and decided to finally make that banana bread I have been planning to make.  That’s right, two small banana bread loafs with some blueberries mixed in!  Lil man had some pudding, yogurt, and some apple while watching a show on the iPad.  After that mixture of food he was definitely in need of a bath!  I started to just clean him with a cloth, but it made sense to just give him a bath since he was due anyway.
After bath I made a bit for dinner, of which of course Lil man wanted some too!  Then I chatted with a friend… and now I’m here! 

It’s days like these that make me realize that it’s okay to have other days.  Other days not worth talking about.  Days where I stay in my pj’s from sunrise to sunset.  Days where I do nothing more than feed Lil man 3 meals and a few snacks in between.  It’s a give and take system.  When I give – I GIVE.  When I take – I TAKE!  I guess you could say I’m one of those “all or nothing” people…

Tonight, I’ll leave you with a view of my creation from earlier!



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