Camper Searching

Over the last… gosh, almost a year… we have been talking about getting a new camper.  The camper my husband had prior to us meeting, dating, getting married, and adding a 3rd child to the mix… is just too small at this point.  It’s a 25′ travel trailer.  It has a double bed… or is it a queen?  Hmm, I don’t know.  (I just know it’s not a king…like we have upstairs.)  It has a couch that converts to a bed (that even I hang off).  It has a table that you can break down and turn into a bed (which I could probably fit on… I just haven’t tried).  It has a bathroom with a shower, but little to no room to move around.  Outside of the door that you can close to make the bathroom seem extremely undesirable (especially if you are claustrophobic), everything is one big room.  That’s great right?  No, it’s not.  Especially when you are sharing it with two teenage boys.  Since having the 3rd boy, the older boys haven’t gone camping with us so I don’t have to worry about cramming myself in the bathroom to change and what-not… but I usually do anyway.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having my stepsons there camping with us… but the layout of the camper just isn’t great… 

Last fall we went to one place here… about an hour and 45 minutes away and looked at campers but didn’t end up buying anything.  We just weren’t at a point where we could spend what we needed to, to get what we wanted.  At the very beginning of the discussion we stated we were going to get what we wanted if we were getting something new.  We weren’t going to get something now and trade it in in a couple of years… this is what we were going to keep!  After no success last fall, we decided we would look again this spring before camping season began.  Let me just tell you… we’ve been LOOKING… and LOOKING… and LOOKING.  Heck, I did more looking today after we looked yesterday!  We’ve even looked in another state!  We are pretty dedicated!

So this is where the overload of pictures begins…  Somewhere in this mix… there might be a camper we are going to buy!

Here are some pictures from the trip we made about a month ago…

ImageWe were clearly in camper-land!



This is one that I really liked… but there wasn’t a ton of extra room in the bunk area… (you’ll see what I mean by extra room here when I show you some others that are open in the back – without bunks)


This is the rest of the “kitchen” area for the camper with the bunks.



This one here was nice… but I didn’t really like the unlevel counter space or the light sofa’s.


This was another option… but… not one of our favorites (notice all the open space that not having bunks allows?).


We even had the little guy… he loved looking at all the campers.  Oddly enough, he went to the bathroom in EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.  He didn’t want to come out!


Here is one of the final ones we looked at that day…and didn’t like.

Hubs also went last week and tried to get pricing from a place not far from us (that some of these pictures up above are from).  That has been interesting… the guy didn’t want to give us pricing on all the ones we wanted pricing on.  It apparently was too much work for him.  He gave us pricing on one and that was it.  So… We decided to take a trip on my next day off (yesterday) to a place in NY… we have driven by this place multiple times and just decided to check them out.  Let me just tell you… I loved the place!

ImageGetting ready to head over the lake and into New York.


We went past a TON of apple trees!

We looked at a bunch of campers in New York…  I didn’t take pictures of any of them but I went on the company’s website and pulled these following pictures…  We decided (and got pricing) on three favorites from this company.  I was able to find pictures of two of the three we liked…

For the first one…


This one has bunks… but the room is REALLY small.  It’s basically two bunk beds… and a dresser.

The next one…

ImageImageImageSo, this is one of my favorites…  the only thing that is weird for me is where the TV is… I wish it was at the end of the camper and not on the wall there like it is… so… I dunno what to do…


Things I’m Loving Thursday


Okay… so, I know I’ve been missing in action…  but really, I haven’t been missing anything.  I’ve been enjoying life.  Work takes a lot out of me sometimes and once I’m done with that, I just want to spend some time with the family… or cook… or….lay on the couch and pretend I’m a famous person who has a bank account that just keeps filling up with money.

I never followed up on my goals from last week – I know that!  I did awful!  You don’t need to hear about it.

I created goals this week – I didn’t publish them!  They are in my planner though and I’ve been doing surprisingly well so far!

Anyway… the whole reason for today’s post…  sharing the love, err, at least what I’m loving!  You could certainly be loving the same stuff though!!

  1. The trees are budding!!!
  2. I have a 3-day weekend coming up! (You are probably not loving that…unless you too have a 3-day weekend!)
  3. I did a little shopping last night at TJ Maxx!  I always forget how much I actually like that store! 
  4. I’m still in a happy mood from Easter!  I don’t think I could have asked for a better day!  It was nice and quiet!  Of course it would have been nice to have my brother and his family here, but at least we got to FaceTime with them!
  5. Sandwiches!  Oh, I just love them!!!  A friend reminded me today how she can’t have them (with deli meat at least) because she’s pregnant.  That was probably the worst part of my pregnancy a few years ago… (which means it was a REALLY good pregnancy I suppose!)
  6. We get to go meet Biscuit on Saturday.  For anyone who doesn’t know, Biscuit is a yellow puppy… in a book… in many books, technically….and my son LOVES him!!  A local store, Buttered Noodles (which clearly doesn’t update their website…ever!), is having a little event where “he” will be.  They do an “appearance” event pretty regularly, but we’ve never been to one.  This time, we’ll be there!
  7. Next week (Tuesday) hubs and I will celebrate our 3 wedding anniversary!

Alright… I’m outta here for tonight.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  Do something fun or… if not, do some cleaning!  If nothing else you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something!

Weekly Goals

Alright, so last week I didn’t set any goals….that basically means I didn’t do much… I mean, that’s not true, of course I did stuff… I worked 4-9+ hour days, I did some shopping on Wednesday night, we took Friday and had a day together, my husband, myself, and lil man…. I did stuff… And let me tell you in the end, it was a great week. I had a discussion with my husband about things…. And that funk I was in most of the week, I was out of it by Thursday night (could be because I knew I didn’t have to work Friday) and was ready for an enjoyable Friday.

This week though, I’m going to set some goals and hope that I’m able to be successful with them. Thanks to Microsoft shutting down their Technical Support for Windows XP, I’ll be spending most of the week in the office getting a new Windows installed onto my computer!

1. Get on the treadmill at least 4 days this week.
2. Drink 60 oz. of water every day (this will be a challenge in the office).
3. Remember to take something out for dinner each morning (Monday-Friday).
4. Bring lunch each day in the office.

I’m going to stop right there. It’s going to be a tough week and I don’t want to push my luck!!

I hope everyone has been having a great weekend and has an enjoyable week. Next weekend is Easter…hopefully the bunny hops your way!

Things I’m Loving Thursday


Have you been missing me?  I haven’t purposely taken this week off, it’s just happened that way I guess.  I wish I could say I’ve been busy… but I haven’t really done a lot.  Just… been living.  I’ve been in a funk this week, so I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am that today is my Friday!  Especially considering I will be in the office ALL next week (except maybe Friday) for my laptop migration. 

Even though I’ve been in a funk, I’ve still got some love going on! 

One thing I’ve always loved is sending cards!  Now that my brother and his family are out of state, I get to send them more often!  I’m totally loving that!


This little boy thinks everything is a jungle gym and will climb on whatever he sees fit.  Usually it doesn’t last long though because we don’t allow it… but I love that he can make himself comfortable just about anywhere!



This picture is kind of crappy, but one thing that I love about where we live is driving down the street, coming home… you just look in one direction or another and you see wildlife… like, 4 deer!



This boy, in his sun glasses.  How can you NOT love this?!



Last weekend when we did some buying we got part of our tile for our master bath… I totally love this combo!Image


Oh, and one final thing…. Red Sox vs. Yankees this weekend!  Ya, I’m LOVING baseball (assuming the right team (Red Sox) win)!

Well, I hope you have some fun things planned for this weekend.  We have a bunch of different options, it’s just a matter of what we choose to do.  Whatever you do – enjoy your weekend!

Weekly Goals Recap

This past week I watched my goals closely because they weren’t something that I could easily do… I guess that’s the importance of goals though – they push you to go out of your norm to get things done.   I felt myself going back to my goals in my planner to make sure I knew what they were and I was still going to be able to achieve them.

I had four goals this week…  and did well, but not well enough.  So, lets do this….

  1. Drink 60 oz. of water each day. I missed this on one day.  The one thing I’m finding is that with this… I’m drinking more and more water because I’m aware of what I’m drinking.  Ultimately, that’s what I was striving for here.  To take a minute and THINK about what I was consuming.  It’s working and I will keep this as a regular weekly goal, even if it’s not listed on here it will still be something I track in my planner.
  2. Have dinner at home Monday – Friday this week. SUCCESS!  I was afraid of this goal on one day and one day only – FRIDAY.  We always tend to do something different on Friday.  I have usually worked a long week and have no desire to cook something and if I leave it up to hubs, we usually grab a pizza or something easy like that on Friday or a weekend day.  Well, Friday/Friday night hubs was at the sugar house so it was fine.  Although we didn’t eat dinner AT home, we didn’t go out to a restaurant.  It felt so good to accomplish this!
  3. Don’t buy anything I don’t NEED this week. SUCCESS!  It helped that the only day I went into the office was Monday and I even brought my lunch.  Usually I go out to lunch when I’m in the office but I didn’t this week.  I did buy some cards that I needed so I can send them to my niece/nephews, but other than that I didn’t buy anything until yesterday and that was still stuff we needed.  We bought some of the tile we need for the shower in our master bath.  Then we also bought some stuff (that we needed) at The Christmas Tree Shop.
  4. Blog each day this week.  I missed this one on Friday.  Since I took Lil man to the sugar house after picking him up from daycare, I didn’t blog.  I thought about doing it at lunch time on Friday, but I didn’t have anything to write that I could do in a half hour so rather than just throwing something on here for the sake of meeting this goal – I didn’t.  I wanted something with substance and I just didn’t have it Friday.

I’m debating on setting official goals this week.  I have a few things I need to DO, but they aren’t “goals”….  As I said, I will continue with the goal of at least 60oz. of water each day and I’ve been trying to stay on the treadmill regularly, but I don’t know that I have anything of…substance to “reach” this week….  So, I may just take this week off.

My Time…

My son has been napping for almost 2 hours now… Usually during nap time I do stuff….real stuff. I fold laundry, do the dishes, jump on the treadmill, or even vacuum. Today, I have made myself lunch and read. Nothing more, nothing less.
There is so much I could be doing… but I just don’t have the energy today. I suppose it could be the 50 hours I worked the past week; it could also be the weather; or it could be I don’t know where to start. I like to make My Time productive because I have so little of it. Today though, the only productivity I’ve had during My Time is reading my book (and feeding myself).
I have a lot of little projects that I’d like to do, I just don’t know where to start. I don’t know which I should start over the other and then the ones I really want to start – the timings just not right. Either it’s still too cold out or I don’t have all the material I need.

So with all of that, I guess I’ll just go back to my book. There isn’t much “My Time” left today so I’m going to take all I can get and read some more.

What am I reading?
Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Things I’m Loving Thursday

Things I'm Loving ThursdayHow is it Thursday already? This week I feel like I’ve been working my time away….but, I’ve been very productive so that is good!

This week….

1. Productivity at work means less stress!
2. The weather….it’s getting close to perfect temps for me….
3. Getting outside with Lil Man!
4. Last Saturday night we got to FaceTime with my brother and his family…. I’m missing them more and more these days.
5. Baseball season has started! Love my Red Sox!!

This week I kind of feel like I could go on and on! I’m just content I guess. As I posted yesterday….I’m going through a few days right now where no matter what curve ball I’m thrown (and trust me, they are like rapid fire sometimes), I’ll swing and hit it out of the park! (Can you tell I’m excited about baseball right now?!)

What does you weekend look like? Mine… I’ve got some birthday shopping to do for one of my nephews and then some quality time with a friend on Sunday!

Enjoy your weekend!