Weekly Goal Recap

Since starting my weekly goals I feel like the weeks have been moving along a little quicker than before.  Maybe it’s because I’m holding myself accountable for something so I pay attention to the time I have left in the week.

Just a quick recap with how things progressed (or didn’t) with my goals from last week.

The goals:

  1. Take at least one picture on manual setting with my camera. I missed one day – Friday.  I was in the office… but I brought my camera with me so that at lunch, I could take a picture or two.  Unfortunately, I had an unexpected meeting scheduled for RIGHT after lunch so I felt a bit rushed and didn’t take any extra time.  By the time I got home, all of the natural light was gone and…that was the end of it.  I will post my favorite pictures from the week soon!
  2. Treadmill: Do 10 miles and try to run more than just 2 minutes. I missed my total miles by 2 and didn’t run at all.  I know, pretty awful, huh?!  I was going to jump on the treadmill after getting home from dinner Friday night – and I should have.  If I had, I would have met my goal.  I almost ran yesterday, but…I didn’t.  It was early and I was afraid of getting too dehydrated and getting a massive headache (which I ended up with at the end of the day anyway).  It’s not an excuse, really!  If I run too early and don’t get myself hydrated BEFORE getting on the treadmill, it’s an automatic headache that NOTHING but a nights worth of sleep can cure.
  3. Get to bed by 9:30 each night.  (This may be hard when we are out of town.)  This definitely didn’t happen.  I failed while on vacation (which I expected and even mentioned in my initial goal post). So, Sunday – yes; Monday – yes (I finished watching The Voice IN bed); Tuesday – nope; Wednesday – close…but nope; Thursday – yes; Friday – nope; Saturday – nope!  Lil man and I didn’t finish face timing with my brother and his family until after 9:30pm.  Needless to say, this was a flop!
  4. Drink 60oz. of water each day.  I struggled with this while we were out of town…  Usually I struggle when I’m in the office now too, but I made a point this week to try harder.  I actually did pretty well!  I missed four days with 60 oz. but three of those were while we were out of town, and the fourth I just barely missed the 60oz goal.

Clearly, it was a rough week.  I anticipated that though just with being out of town.  Out of town throws the schedule off… hence lil man going to bed at 11:30pm Tuesday night.  Soon, I’ll have my new goals up for this coming week.  Meanwhile, does anyone else have regular goals they try to complete daily, weekly, or even monthly?


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