Things I’m Loving Thursday

Things I'm Loving ThursdaySo this week I’m writing this post from the car as we drive back home from PA. We took a mini trip to PA as hubs had to work and Lil Man and I went to see a friend and her two little guys kids. We’ve had a good trip, but those details will come in a separate post. For now I am loving a few specific things…

1. Traveling via car. I don’t know what it is…I just enjoy it! I love seeing the sights, I suppose!

2. Hanging out with friends. Although I had never physically met this friend before yesterday, I’ve talked to her online or via text for almost 2 years…. It was so natural and it couldn’t have gone any better….except Lil Man could have NOT gotten sick right at the lunch table.

3. Lil Man is an amazing traveler for a 2 year old. This trip we’ve utilized the iPad more….but still, driving 8+ hours isn’t fun for a child. He isn’t old enough to make up fun games or even try those things you find on Pinterest (games)….again I remind myself how lucky I know I have gotten with him.

4. Even with travel….I’ve been keeping up with my goals this week…. because I made them obtainable. (That’s the important part of creating goals.)

Alright, time to get back to my book… The more I read, the sooner we get out of Jersey (no offense to those who live in Jersey, love Jersey, or are from Jersey).


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