Starting New

I hadn’t posted on my last blog in more than six months.  I have truly missed blogging…sharing my thoughts with no one and everyone at the same time.  What happened you ask?  A couple things…

It started off with life.  Life happened.  I have a little guy, which you’ll learn about soon enough, who keeps my busy.  I also have a busy husband and two busy stepson’s.  So, last summer (when I wrote my last blog post) I got busy.  I got busy with keeping up with my little guy; I got busy with work; I got busy with enjoying life; I got busy with a friend’s wedding.  I just got busy and didn’t have time to do what I have now decided to make time for.

Along with that, I noticed some things about my followers and decided to stop where I was and reconsider things.  I did that for a while.  Then as I continued to think about it, I decided to make some changes and move forward.

I’m very happy to be back.  I can’t believe I was gone so long.  Maybe that’s something that has added to my stress – I haven’t been letting things out.  I am now here to do that.  Express myself.  Show how my life isn’t perfect (because I’ve never claimed that it was).  Share my random thoughts (because anyone who knows me – knows I have a lot of them).

I know I need to make some changes…make it feel a little more homey around here…  I’ll be doing that soon.  I just wanted a fresh look!

I’ll be in touch!


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